Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I have my reasons..

Got my book!! Yay! So to start off:

Here is my What For. The reasons why I personally want to lose weight.Some are a lot more superficial than others but they are all valid to me.

1.) I want to wear expensive jeans. Really nice ones don't come in plus sizes, and even if they do if they are expensive I want them to look and feel fantastic. And I don't want to wear any clothes that have an X in the size.

2.) I want to be able to shop with and share clothes with my friends and sisters. I always feel left out.

3.) I want to enjoy the activities my province has to offer and do them with out almost dying. Such as doing the Sun Run, Grouse Mountain, Rollerblading on the Stanley Park Sea wall.

4.) I want to feel my age. I am 26 but I feel as frumpy as a 46 year old or older.

5.) I want to be able to have my picture taken and it doesn't mortify me.. I refuse to have family portraits done because I am horrified to eternalize what I truly look like.

6.) Self esteem. I has none. If I lose weight I will be more confident, and then I will be able to go out and meet friends, join a class, or get a part-time job.. ridiculous that the my weight prevents me from having the self esteem to do these things.

7.)Diabetes runs in my family. I have had Gestational diabetes twice already. I don't want to have type 2 too. I'm not going to cut my life short for a few stupid treats or to sit on my but an extra few minutes.

8.) I don't want to be my mother, who is quite over weight and has many health problems related to obesity.

9.) I don't want my daughter to be like I am presently. I want her to have a fit and healthy role model in her life, something I never had.

10.) I want to look good for my 10 year High School reunion next year.

Tomorrow I will start with the first lesson.

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